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SERTPLAS, is a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier to many world-famous automotive companies, manufactures a wide range of products from lighting equipment to cables, connectors, vehicle body parts, air hoses and brake couplings. Electronics dision manufactures high-tech electronics containing embedded software developed 100% domestically through its R&D center.

Operating in the automotive industry since 1955, SERTPLAS exports 83 percent of its production to five continents, primarily to Europe, thanks to the company's national and international quality certifications.

SERTPLAS has started to use its half-century manufacturing experience to design, develop and manufacture electric vehicle technologies. Through its own brand Volti, SERTPLAS is aiming to become one of the most trusted companies in the electric vehicle field.

In the first quarter of 2021, SERTPLAS launched its first e-Mobility products under the Volti brand. The electric vehicle chargers and charging stations are developed by Turkish engineers including the electronic system design, embedded software, industrial design and mechanical parts.

Volti will continue to expand its product range and continue to strengthen its presence in the field of e-mobility and smart energy technologies.

Our Mission

  1. Without sacrificing quality, reaching for the highest customer sattisfaction by using state-of-the-art production techniques and tehcnologies.
  2. Investing in Research and Development projects that define the future and provide cutting edge products to the markets we participate in. 
  3. Further developing our competencies to provide products that will solve our customers' problems that they will be facing in the future.
  4. Providing an environment in which our team members can grow and develop themselves to carry the Volti brand further into the future!


Our Vision

Positioning Volti brand as an essential supplier of high-tech products and services in the field of e-mobility and smart energy technologies.

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